She died too fast and way too young. I fear cancer in particular, the killer of my mother, I fear that I too will die young and leave a widowed husband and motherless kids with shattered hearts.

Can I overcome this fear? Or can I learn to live with it? Can I wear my fear upon my skin, and show that it should not control me even if I live with it.

My collection is a celebration of life. I have studied abnormal cell growth and the stages of cancer to get a better understanding of my fear. This has been expressed in a textile collection emphasizing digital prints and embroideries that should bring joy and not carry the darkness that diseases entail. I hope this collection will bring some comfort to people that have been in similar situations.

This is my art therapy. This is my gift to my mother. But most of all, this is a gift for myself.

Photography by: Malte Simon Christensen
Model: Katrine Lyngsø
Make-up by: Lexi Paige
Location: Studio 57 Gallery